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Lisa Danbi Park is a Los Angeles based, London trained designer. This limited capsule collection is grown from her graduate collection, created during her time studying at Central Saint Martins. 


In Korean, "danbi" means 'sweet rain,' long awaited after drought. The pieces were made thoughtfully, meant to be worn and shared. 

Najia and Manu, photographed by Sirui Ma

Her Graduated Collection started through research around her Korean American identity, with curiosity about how the previous immigrant generation viewed the American dream. 

Research began through photographs and interviews from close family and friends, and exploring Koreatown. Garment silhouettes were inspired by vintage garments, then stacked upon one another to carry the multiple layers of identity. Prints were designed to include personal stories, memories and photographs, inspired by the Korean American women in her life. 

Manu and Serin, photographed by Dean Hoy
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